Friday, February 7, 2014

JP Binocular harness

The JP binocular harness with a daypack on

JP binocular harness
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My answer to the need for a multifunctional, lightweight, compact Binocular harness. Designed for the backcountry bowhunter or anyone looking for a lightweight harness that includes a rangefinder tether. This harness has all components that are USA made, lightweight, simple and  secure and fully adjustable while wearing it.

I have been using this the entire 2013 season and I am pleased with the design.  Using it hunting from late september archery hunting with light single layer clothing. Through the December rifle deer season. Then in late season hunting in January and cold temperatures and heavy clothing.

What I put together is a lightweight binocular harness that includes:
  • Total weight of 1.2oz
  • 10-feet of American made  550 paracord.
  • Black finish American made hardware.
  • An adjustment system that can be made with the harness on.
  • Rangefinder tether that keeps the rangefinder secure at all times.
  • No buckles that will irritate under a loaded pack.
  • The volume and weight inside your pack is reduced.
  • Assembled in Pennsylvania.
  • Almost invisible against most camo patterns
  • comfortable with hunting binoculars.
  • Offered in a Multicam camo and Pink camo.
  • If you are typically unprepared and forgetful, It works as a deer drag rope, or use it to hang quarters if you forgot cord. 

Ultralight Binocular Harness

Ultralight Binocular Harness
Pink camo

Ultralight Binocular Harness
The Multicam cord disappears in the camo

Ultralight Binocular Harness
JP Binocular Harness with Rangefinder

Ultralight Binocular Harness
JP Binocular Harness low profile sweat free on your back

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