Thursday, May 2, 2013

Copper John Dead Nuts 3, Mark 1 sight

Copper John Dead nuts 3 mark 1 with micro-adjust
My Copper John Dead Nuts 3, Mark 1 sight was mounted on my Magnatec for almost 2-years, and it is the only component to migrate onto my Charger. this sight is built like a Tank, but doesn't feel like one. The model I have has 5 bright .019 fiber optic pins, the fiber wraps around the pin guard and gathers light thru a clear protector. The pins a very bright, and extend shooting light past what my eyes can shoot. When it is too dark to see the target, I can still see the pins.

There is a bright orange ring inside the pin guard that makes centering the sight window within the peep a happen naturally. The bubble level is very useful and glows in the dark too, so this sight is never the weak link in low light shooting.

I also have the optional micro-adjust kit (that can be added later to any Dead nuts sight) the micro adjust is such a nice feature, I will probably always have a sight with micro adjust.

I highly recommend this sight to anyone looking for a quality American made sight that while not cheap has high value.

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