Wednesday, November 25, 2015

IH Cub Cadet 71 #1

On a Beautiful Sunday afternoon in early October 2015 I brought home a 1966 IH cub cadet 71.

 It did not run, and was missing parts and was nearly 50 years old. From that little bit of information you would assume I have experience with small engines and restorations, But you would be wrong. I really have none.

For a long time I have wanted a Farmall Cub, for no other reason than I liked the little tractor. Late this summer my wife told me about a local tractor she saw for sale, and even OK'd looking talking and asking. The price on that tractor was too high, but it got my gears spinning. We had some discussion  about tractors and we agreed to start with a garden tractor.

My plans are to restore a tractor to work and maybe some small local shows. I did some research on 50 year old tractors and decided a Cub Cadet is what I would look for . The cub cadet is part of the Farmall IH family and they are built solid and simple.

After combing thru Craigslist adds and contacting several sellers, most of them dead ends, I found one I felt confident enough to get some cash, tow the trailer and check it out. The seller was honest about the condition of the tractor, but I was a little anxious and inexperienced and agreed to a price, the only problem was the tractor was in his basement and had to be removed up the stairs. (a story in itself) but we got the half ton beast up the stairs and loaded on my trailer.

I has been about a month I have been tinkering with the engine mostly.  First looking for a starter generator belt, then a battery, carburetor rebuild kit and gasket, governor linkage, gas tank straps and fuel bowl filter and new fuel line. and choke and throttle control cables that were seized with rust.

I still need to fix some minor electrical stuff, change the oil and install the battery and see if it will run.

To be continued.....

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