Wednesday, May 1, 2013

NAP quicktune 4000 drop away rest review

When I chose to upgrade my bow, I had the opportunity to pick whatever components I wanted to put on my bow. however, I was still limited by my budget.
I wanted to put American made stuff on my bow and support the companies that give us our jobs and support American workers and families. What I found was that a lot of archery products are made in USA, and most of the better ones are proud of the fact that they are American Made.

I had a NAP quicktune 2000 drop away arrow rest on my last bow. it performed flawlessly for 10 years, it tuned well, and stayed tuned. but it went with my old bow. When I needed a new rest, I looked at several brands NAP, Trophy taker,  Ripcord and QAD. one thing I noticed was the basic drop-away rest was either too basic, or totally enclosed in a big heavy awkward cage. (I am still kind of perplexed by the "full-containment" concept) The others like the Ripcord and QAD were like a hybrid drop-away rest that was cocked up and stayed up until release of the arrow. but even those were broke down: one goes down on a slow let-down and one doesn't. The ripcord and QAD have loyal followers, but the concept doesn't seem foolproof, what happens if it fails once on a critical shot?

The NAP quicktune 2000 was discontinued but I found an online store that had some discontinued NAP quicktune rest, after comparing the specs I decided on the NAP quicktune 4000 rest.  it had additional features of the 2000 with micro adjust (a nice feature)

When I got the rest, I was somewhat surprised by the launcher arms compared to the images form the store and NAP website. it looked like they tried to use up excess inventory of TM hunter launcher arms. they were a lot longer and curved not bent like the 2000 I had before. I should have sent it back, but I wanted to shoot my new bow. I took the rest apart and bent them closer to the configuration I remembered. but they were still too long, so I ground them shorter and got something closer to the arrangement I remembered.

The store website said the 4000 had adjustbale spring tension, but it doesnt.
The bottom line is that I am kind of disappointed in this rest. The launcher looked nothing like any image from the store or NAP, it has been difficult to tune, and I don't think it is dropping fast enough, I am getting fletch contact that shouldn't be if it was dropping fast enough.

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