Monday, May 13, 2013

Trufire edge 4-finger release

Trufire Edge 4-finger
Trufire Edge 4-finger
I have used a wrist caliper type release since the mid to late 80's when I was shooting a PSE Mach flite-4. I switched to fingers and when I got my Hoyt Superslam-supreme. it was a longer axle-axle bow. but after I got married and had a house and yard to take care of, I didn't have as much time to shoot, and it showed, so I went back to a caliper wrist release.

When I was updating my setup, I really needed to update my release also. I was interested in some of the hook type releases like the Scott Silverhorn and Trufire Hardcore. But in all my years of using a wrist release, the biggest frustrations I've had is climbing trees with a release on. No matter how careful I am when climbing, the release all to frequently tings on something metal.

Trufire Edge 4-finger

I was interested in the handheld thumb type release, but my fear is in loosing or dropping it somewhere, and the price. I did some online research and found the Trufire Edge4-finger. it is a small head caliper, with a rotating head. and is activated with your thumb. The edge also has a small hole near the pinky location for a rope. I used a length of d-loop material to make a wrist loop to attach the release to my bow when it isnt on my wrist, The loop is big enough to slip the release on and off without unbuckling or undoing velcro, but also secure enough to wear while walking or stalking.

The release calipers are closed until the trigger is depressed, so while sitting in a treestand the release can be attached to the d-loop of my bow.

The quality and feel of this release are great, the trigger is smooth, and the head rotates freely under load.

This release is not a shooting miracle; bad form, torquing the bow, and punching the trigger are all still possible. Tthe trigger is activated with the thumb and therefore not as prone to punching the trigger.

the learning curve is pretty easy to get used to, it feels natural after only a month of shooting with it, and it is an American made product.

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